How to Find a best Backup Camera

Safety is a must when it comes to driving or placing your car avoiding small bumps or scratch. Think, while driving a car you can notice what behind you and how far it is from you. Without gyrating your neck and body around or even worse you can park or drive your car safely. Technology is an excellent thing. The modern technology facilitates you to see behind you while driving the car.No matter what vehicle you have, by using the best Rear backup camera you can diminish the chance of hitting objects by backing. Nowadays, this is a must needed an accessory to get a clear idea of the obstacles behind your car and to drive safely.


A “backup camera” is an advanced parking assistance system that is presented as video equipment that records the exterior environment of the vehicle. It makes sure the safety both of the car and pedestrian while driving or placing. The system comes with two main components: a camera and display. The camera captures video on what behind your car and transmits a signal to the screen. It works like eyes in the back of your head. If you want to avoid small bumps or park the car quickly, this device is a must for you.


What Is The Best Backup Camera System?


Whether you set your mind in buying the backup camera for your vehicle, you may get confused about seeing the broad range of rear view backup cameras available in the market. Though most of the company claims they have the best product actually all are not up to the mark. This is why I am writing for you to give a clear view of buying the top rated product. After scrutinizing hundreds of back cameras, I have come to you with top 10 best back camera system reviews. I have evaluated them based on their quality, functions, price, and customer feedback.

I can assure you that, and you can get the best back camera for your car after going through the reviews of the products those I am going to mention.


Considerations Prior To Buying the Backup Camera


Choosing a backup camera cannot be done unconsciously. You should consider certain criteria not purchase a device that will not be of any use to you or that will not be most suitable for your needs. You may know it’s hard not to fall in the nets of the salesmen and marketers who wrap us up quickly. Before you start buying your rear view camera, I invite you to check out this guide specially designed to give you an idea of all the criteria to be taken into account:

Wide-lens camera


The first consideration is the camera lens. The wider the camera lens is excellent the image quality will be from your seat. This is why you should look for a model that offers more than 120-degree vision angle. If you are looking for a WIDE view angle camera, 1/3″ is the best choice. Image quality also depends on images sensor. Among two sensors Charge-Coupled Device is the most popular to get higher resolution, lower system noise with a high price. On the other hand, CMOS cameras are good for the small budget buyer.

Camera type


Among various backup cameras, some come with rounded style attached to the bumper or license plate whereas the others sit in the back window. To get the best image from any angle, it is good to grab a camera which is flexible. This is why multiple cameras wired into monitor are used to obtain quality images.

Monitor type


There are three types of screens such as LCD, TFT or TFT LCD. It determines exactly how the backup camera picture will be displayed. Whether you like to invest for quality, sharp and accurate images at high resolution look no further than TFT LCD monitor.

Storage capacity


The best backup camera comes with a storage capacity of the internal memory or other electronic media. When you go to long drive and want to keep the record of your trip this option is helpful. Besides that, it allows identifying the event of a collision with another vehicle. You must notify the quality of images.

Wired or wireless


For wireless transmission, the operation of the device is based on WiFi technology via a frequency wave. With a wireless rear view camera, you will benefit from the ease of installation and installation of equipment. For wired models, the installation is much more complicated, but you will not worry about interference.


Power input range


Before buying a backup camera, you should look for the power input range of the camera. In many cases, most of the backup cameras are equipped with a free power input between DC11~32V. This feature will allow your monitor protect from being burnt out by any unforeseen fluctuation in your car’s source of energy.




This is an important issue when buying backup camera for your car. The high-end product costs high price this is a familiar concept of many buyers. You can buy the best product breaking your bank. For this, you need to be educative about the product.


Comparison Table


SL No. Product Name Wired or Wireless Monitor size View angle
Camecho RC 12V 24V Car Backup Camera Rear View (PLCM4375WIR) Wireless 7″ TFT LCD Monitor 140° horizontal wide view and 120°  degree vertical view angle
Pyle Backup Car Camera Rear View Screen Monitor System  (PLCM7500) Wired HD 7″ TFT/LCD mirror monitor display 170° wide viewing angle
Pyle Wireless Backup Car Camera Rearview Monitor System (PLCM4375WIR) Wireless 4.3″ LCD Screen Video Color Display 170° wide viewing angle
eRapta Backup Camera and Car Monitor Camera Wired 7 Inch TFT-LCD Screen 130° Viewing angle
Pyle Backup Car Camera Rear View Mirror Screen Monitor System with Parking & Reverse Safety Distance Scale Lines (PLCM4550) Wired 4.3” LCD Display Built-into Mirror Panel 170°  Tilt Adjustable Camera Lens Angle
Podofo Wireless Waterproof Vehicle Backup Camera Wireless 7″ HD Car Rear View Monitor 120° Viewing angle
Chuanganzhuo Backup Camera and Monitor Kit, Chuanganzhuo License Plate CMOS Wide Angle Back up Camera With 7 LED Night Vision+ 4.3 TFT LCD Monitor Wired 4.3 TFT LCD Car Vehicle Rearview Monitor 170° viewing Angle
Esky EC180-19 180° Viewing Angle 100% Waterproof High-Definition Wired High definition color CCD screen 180° Viewing Angle
Yada Digital Wireless Backup Camera with 4.3″ Dash Monitor Wireless 4.3” LCD Monitor 110° Wide Angle
Falcon Zero F360 HD DVR Dual Dash Cam, Rear View Mirror, 1080p, SD Card Included Wired 3.5-inch LCDss screen 180° Wide Angle


Top 10 Backup Camera Reviews




Camecho RC 12V 24V Car Backup Camera is an ideal solution to keep you safe on the road. This is

a 3in 1 product. It comes with 7″ TFT LCD Monitor, Wireless Heavy Duty Night Vision Rear View Camera and Wireless Units altogether. The wireless camera is compatible with any weather condition. As it is designed with a hard Metal case, waterproof and Mud proof feature it offers longevity as well as wide viewing angle. To get the clear view of objects it mounts 140 degrees horizontally and 120 degree vertically. Whether you driving the car at night or reversing to your garage its night vision rear view lets you do this avoiding any scratches or bumps. Camecho offers you satisfaction guaranty. If you notice any product issue within 30 days you will get money back guaranty and 12 Month Replacement Warranty.


Features & Benefits


  • 7″ TFT LCD Monitor which is equipped with LED backlight to make image more vivid and to reach larger view angle.
  • The night vision works really well and there is no light emitted from the camera.


  • The camera is waterproof and Mud proof


  • Within DC 9-35V power range the all parts of the camera works pretty well


  • Whether your vehicle is Universal Cars, Caravan, Trailers, Camper, RV, Box Truck, Motorcoach, 5th Wheel or Bus etc this is ideal for you.


  • The wireless unit works up to 40ft-100ft range.


  • This can be the best buy without breaking your bank


Product rating: 3.7 out of 5 stars



Outstanding features


  • 2 Channel Video Input colored monitor with remote controller
  • Rear View camera offers highly clear; color contrast; sharpness picture
  • Wireless signal transmission up to 100ft
  • Color CMOS Sensor with effective pixels where NTSC is510(H)X492(V) and PAL is 500(H)X582(V)
  • 12 months service warranty and 30 days satisfaction guaranty
  • Run with 6W voltage
  • Affordable price


Here are some common FAQs about this product given below:

Q: is it suitable for passenger bus?

A: Yes, it is.

Q: how long is the transmitter cord?

A: 3 feet

Q: Does it have any micro SD slot on the screen?

A: No it does not have

Q: Does the system support additional front camera?

A: Yes, there are 2 video input port v1/v2.


A vehicle is an expensive transportation system. Everybody wants to make sure the safety of their vehicles and themselves too. Compared to other backup cameras this is quite affordable and handy. By inventing few dollars you can enjoy driving on the road or reverse the car in the garage very easily. Get more info about the product visiting Amazon.



This is what makes sure your safety while driving on the road or parking your vehicles in the garage. This wireless back camera is quite easy to set up. It’s wireless monitor transmits footage from camera to monitor. To offer you maximum angle vision its camera is featured with 170° viewing angle. The large 7″ TFT LCD Monitor shows a clear and accurate video. No matter how the weather is this WATERPROOF & NIGHT VISION cam can combat with combat bad weather condition. This is a total package what comes with the entire thing those you require to upgrade your vehicle.


Features & Benefits


  • This backup camera kit is designed with a weather proof, waterproof and fog proof feature and It is equipped with low-light-vision, universal mount color rear view camera.
  • The distance-line mode feature lets you see how far you are from the objects.
  • The monitor facilitates you watching video or DVDs from any other sources
  • 7” TFT / LCD Mirror Monitor has 16:9 Wide Screen provides large, sharp and accurate images.
  • A wireless remote controller  comes with the monitor which allows you easily access the monitor


Product ratings:  3.7 out of 5 stars


Highlighted Features

  • 7” TFT / LCD Mirror Monitor
  • 170° wide viewing angle
  • 17 Foot Male to Male RCA Video Connection Cable
  • License plate mountable backup rear view camera
  • True Color Reproduction Total Pixels: 656 x 492
  • Waterproof, Weatherproof, Fog resistant construction
  • Video Input Connector Jacks ability to connect an additional camera


The common FAQs about this product are given below

Q: Is it wireless?

A: No this is a wired backup camera system

Q: Does it have USB input?

A: No, it does not

Q: Is it possible to use small monitor on this system?

A: Yes, it is possible.

Q: What color are scale lines supposed to be?

A: Same as what you see online




Overall this is a nice backup camera system comes with all the necessary cables and wiring for connection and installation. What kind of vehicles you have this is suitable for most of them. This is a great solution for night vision, distance line mode, and automatic switching. The beauty of this system is license plate backup camera which does not interfere with the outlook of your car.



Drivers need to be very cautious while driving on the road or placing the car in the garage. At night it is quite tough to be careful when you are rush to the destination. This is why Pyle Wireless Backup Car Camera comes with extra outside set of eyes to guide to safely maintain the car. This device is compatible with truck, van or an SUV where it is difficult to see what is behind you. Its wireless transmitter sends video very promptly. Without taking any hassle of long wire you can simply install this device in your car.


Features & Benefits

  • This wireless camera is equipped with 4.3″ slim TFT/LCD screen. It transmits data 100ft max. You don’t need long wire to set it up
  • You can also connect additional video monitor
  • It turns on automatically when relieves video signal
  • IP67 Marine-grade construction which makes sure it is water & fog-resistant and compatible with any bad weather.
  • Its Tilt-adjustable camera angle offers wide viewing angle to get perfect view what happens behind you


Customer Ratings: 3.0 out of 5 stars


Highlighted Features

  • Marine Grade Construction camera with 4.3″ slim TFT screen
  • Night Vision Low Lighting Capable with 170 degree viewing angle
  • 2.4Ghz wireless video receiver which has two video systems
  • Accurate distance scale line
  • Reverse-camera priority signal sense
  • True color reproduction and auto white balance


Here are some common frequently ask questions about this product you may want to know

Q: What are the dimensions of this device?

A: The overall dimensions is 7 x 3 x 11 inches

Q: What is the pixel ratio?

A: 656 x 492

Q: Is there any satisfaction guaranty?

A: Yes, there is 30 days satisfaction guaranty and 1 year service warranty.

Q: Will it work with Bluetooth?

A: No, it does not work with Bluetooth



If you are thinking of upgrading your car with high-end safety system look further no alternative except this Pyle wireless backup car camera rearview monitor system. This high-frequency wireless camera offers you clear vision through wide view angle. The slim monitor is pretty cool to set where ever you like in front of you.




Are you looking for a camera that provides you decent quality image to make the car parking or reversing safely? eRapta ER01 is the best device for you. It is combined with low price and high-end feature. With consuming 12-24V DC it can accommodate various types of large and mid size vehicles. The camera has 120-170 Degree Viewing Angle which accommodates 7″ LCD Monitor Screen providing a sharp and clear image. In the low light, the camera offers you enhanced view because it is featured with 18 LEDs. To keep your car away from any scratch or bumps and ensure your safety it comes with all required features.


Features & Benefits

  • Large size 7″ LCD monitor compatible with Bus, truck and caravan cars. It offers a clear and sharp image
  • There are 18 Infrared Lights equipped with the camera to eliminate light limitations.
  • 50 foot camera Extension Cords is perfect for wiring large size vehicles.
  • Work Great in All Weather Conditions.
  • You can also use it as like a forward facing camera by using mirror mode


Customer Ratings: 4.6 out of 5 stars


Highlighted Features


  • Run with 12-24V
  • 18 Infrared Lights and CMOS Sensor & Night Version
  • 120-170 Degree viewing angle
  • 7″ lCD Color Monitor
  • 67 Foot Aircraft Grade wire With High Quality Connectors
  • Suitable for Semi-Trailer, Box Truck, RV Trailer, Motorcoach, 5th Wheel, Trailer, Bus


Q: Is the camera waterproof and fog proof?

A: Yes the camera is waterproof but not sure about fog resistant.

Q: How many cameras the monitor can hook up?

A: The monitor has capability of hooking up 2 cameras.

Q: What is the resolution of this camera?

A: The resonation varies depending on light but range up to 1080pixels.

Q: Is it possible to upgrade the camera with glass lens?

A: No, you have to buy another camera which has glass lens



A simple kin can save you and your loving car. eRapta ER01 is such a device comes with multi features to add your driving experience to the next level. This is a heavy device made of high quality components. In a word this is exactly what you are looking for.




Pyle Backup Car Camera Rear View Mirror Screen Monitor System allows you to see what behind your car. This is a great safety device comes with rear view monitor screen. You can easily set up this monitor replacing your current rearview mirror. 4.3″ LCD mirror monitor screen display features with two video system and allows you to add two monitors.  The rear view camera mounts smoothly above your license plate to view video up to 170° angles. If you look for the best backup camera for your car this can be the best buy.


Features & benefits

  • On-Screen Rearview Distance Scale Line Display allows you to show how far you are from the object.
  • To make the video visible it comes with color image reproduction and auto white balance features.
  • This camera system features with Waterproof & Night vision. So your camera remains safe even in bad weather conditions. You can also get clear vision at night.
  • Mounts Easily on Your License Plate for both top and bottom mount on license plate.
  • Easily installation.
  • Camera can be used a review mirror monitor, an existing in-dash TV, a DVR, or any other RCA-compatible video input.


Customer Ratings: 4.1 out of 5 stars


Highlighted Features

  • 4.3” LCD Display comes with 16:9 Aspect Ratio
  • Marine Grade Camera Construction which is water and fog proof
  • 170 Degree viewing angle
  • Backup/Reverse Camera Trigger
  • Comes with all necessary Installation Cables or Wires
  • RCA video connector has ability to connect up to 2 monitor



Q: What is the measurement of camera?

A: The size is 10.0” x 1.3” x 1.26”


Q: Do I Add an extra camera with this system?

A: Yes, you can. There is an RCA Output accommodates other sources input.

Q: What about the screen resolution?

A: The screen resolution is 656 x 492 Pixels


Q: Does it suitable for larger vehicles?

A: It is perfect for larger vehicles like trucks, vans, and limos.




All in all, this is a camera comes with all the needed features you require to remain safe your car and yourself. By availing Pyle Backup Car Camera you can feel free about what may be lurking behind your vehicle. While reversing your car in the garage or back the camera will be activated delivering you accurate image behind you.



This is a wireless camera system comes with 7″ HD car rear view monitor with IR night vision back up camera parking assistance system. The interesting part of this device is its antennas which offer maximum signal point. You can see at least 2 meters away from what behind your car. With 18 individual Infrared LED light it has great ability to view image at night. Besides that its heavy construction is suitable for any weather offering you quality vision.


Features & Benefits

  • You can watch DVD or VCD and get the rear view at a time with its 2 Video Input.
  • The camera and monitor kits offer you safe driving experience at day and night.
  • High-resolution image and a full-color display.
  • Suitable for RV Truck, Trailer, Bus Camper, and Motorhome.


Product rating: 3.2 out of 5 stars


Highlighted Features


  • 7-Inch TFT LCD Widescreen Monitor is designed with wireless Receiver that keeps you away from the hassle of long wire.
  • 120° Viewing angle
  • Rearview IR Reverse Camera with Built-in Wireless Transmitter
  • 18 individual Infrared LED
  • Hard Metal Cased Camera, Waterproof and Mud proof
  • IP 67 marine grade construction


Q: How is the wireless frequency?

A: Frequency is 2370MHZ

Q: How long is the wireless transmission range?

A: In normal condition 26-50ft but in plain road range up to 40ft-100ft

Q:  Does the monitor come with remote controller system?

A:  Yes. Monitor is controllable both manually and remotely

Q: Can 2 cameras be attached to this monitor?

A: Yes, but you can’t view 2 cameras video at a time



This is one of the best camera backup systems you can purchase. You will remain more safely and diminish reverse driving accidents and property damage while driving.






This is an affordable camera system comes with all necessary kits you required. It is a wired camera system offered several features what wireless backup camera offers. Features like Wide Angle view, night view, and water proof system. Though it is cheap in price the picture quality is pretty good. You don’t need to go through the installation manual to set it up. If you have a basic idea about toolbox you can set up the camera system without facing any problem. If you have a limited budget you can opt for this device. Undoubtedly this is a good budget choice for every people.


Features & Benefits

  • With 170 degree viewing angle it offers wide view behind your car
  • Very easy to install beccause it has all the kits and wired that you need
  • It is easily foldable to keep away from dust
  • No need to drill hole for bracket installation because it can be mounted on your licence plate area
  • Though it is not a night vision camera it offers similar results as night vision features.


Product ratings:  3.9 out of 5 stars


Highlighted Features

  • Supports 12V power systems
  • Supports video equipment from vehicle DVD, VCD, STB, camera and satellite receivers
  • Has wide viewing angle macro lens
  • support Video 2 reversing priority
  • Anti-glare technology 4.3″ TFT LCD monitor which is foldable



Q: Does it come with Wireless remote?

A: No, it does not.


Q: Is there any service warranty?

A: No, the company does not offer any guaranty or warranty.


Q: What includes with this package?

A: 4.3-inch TFT LCD monitor, the camera, two 1.5 meter power cables, a 6-meter power cable, and a welcome guide.


Q: Can a cigarette lighter adapter be purchased for this?

A: Yes, You can,




Those who look for a budget friendly backup camera system without sacrificing the functionality this is the best backup camera for them. You just need to give an extra effort to install the system in your car what give you best value. Without outraging your neck to see what happens behind you can conveniently parking or reversing the car avoiding any accident.




Hey there now I am going to introduce you multi function car backup camera which comes with 180 degree viewing angle. Esky EC180-19 lets you reverse the car consciously and also give you the feel of better driving. To give you clear vision at night it is equipped with 2 flat white LED lights. The control system of this device is pretty easy. With its one button control system, you can switch to view between rear, front and mirror view. This metal frame device makes sure its durability which is fit for almost all the cars. All the required kits are included with this product. you can easily install this camera in your car.


Features & Benefits


  • IP-67 weatherproof casing is waterproof
  • To get the wide viewing angle it has 180 degree viewing angle along with a 45 degree adjustable lens
  • Color CMOS screen is able to eliminate blind spots
  • This is a perfect piece for those who have children or live near busy areas
  • No drilling required as a placement use existing license plate hole
  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Easy to install and to adjust


Product reviews: 4.3 out of 5 stars


Highlighted Features


  • One button control system
  • Upgrade version for EC180-18
  • High definition color CCD screen With 180 degree view
  • Product Dimensions 9.8 x 0.8 x 1 inches
  • Work well in various weather conditions
  • NTSC TV system and 480TVL, RGB 960 x 720
  • It perfectly fit for all cars




Q: Cables long enough to fit a crew cab truck?

A: Yes, it has long cable to wire your truck.


Q: Does it offer service warranty?

A: Yes it offers 12 month service warranty.


Q: Can i add another monitor with this system?

A: I am not sure about this.

Is it a wireless camera?

No, this is a wired backup camera system.


Final Verdict


However, if you are looking for a camera backup system which allows you to the driving car safely and deal with all you need you may opt for this device. Its night vision feature is pretty cool. Those who have used this product almost all are the same page as the device makes mounting quick and efficient. This, one of the best vehicle backup cameras, is innovative and quite voguish as well.




This is one of the best backup cameras on the market specially designed to assist lessen blind spots. Being a wireless camera it offers you easy to installation opportunity. It increases your driving security and allows you looking what behind you during reversing. With its viewable distance lines, you can judge the exact distance from the object. It’s Dash Monitor is quite easy to set up by mounting to the windshield with a suction mount. Yada offers you 1-year service warranty for peace of mind. If you have a mid range budget you can consider this camera system. Regardless what types of your car this is a perfect match you ever consider.


Features & Benefits

  • 110-degree wide-angle lens provides you enough coverage to reverse with confidence
  • Infrared night vision offers accurate visual appeal
  • Yada camera is also able to set the back of a boat into the water
  • Setup is easy pretty easy
  • Digital Wireless performance delivers no interference in the monitor
  • Parking assistant helps reversing or parking in tight spaces  The 4.3″ Dash Monitor


Highlighted features

  • Features with a suction cup mount for easy placement
  • The 4.3″ Dash Monitor
  • 2.4G Digital Wireless ranges up to 30 feet
  • IP67 Rating Water resistant
  • 110° Wide angle rear view
  • Features with a suction cup mount for easy placement
  • 12V/24V Power Adaptor



Q: Does it come with any additional video outputs?

A: No, It doesn’t have any additional video inputs.


Q: Does it come with Bluetooth?

A: No, it does not but it works like Bluetooth.


Q: Can i use the camera installing back of my boat?

A: Yes, because it can immerse up to 1 meter of water for 30 minutes


Q: Who it is specially designed for?

A: It helps to reduce blind spots.




If you would like to avoid the hassle of the long wire and looking for a device for simple installation this product can be your choice.  For your kind information, you should use sealant spray to keep the monitor protected from moisture. Among my backup camera reviews, this is one of the better ones we have seen on cheap backup cameras.



Are you looking for a dashboard camera? Would you like to see what happens both the front and back of your car at the same time? If you are one of those who wants to own a backup camera which offers multi function and gives the best value for your money then falcon Zero F360 HD DVR Dual Dash Cam would be your choice. This is an exceptional camera which has 1080p resolution that provides clear and accurate Video. The 3.5-inch LCD panel would appear right in the middle with 2 screens. This is very easy to install. Even you need not require any more tools to set it up. All you need to do is just hook up the monitor to the previous monitor.


Features & Benefits


  • The camera is equipped with two lenses those can record video both interior and exterior at a time
  • Recommended for taxi driver because it can look after both of the road and passengers
  • Compatible with any rear view mirror
  • Able to capture the date and time while recording
  • You need not any extra cable because this system includes an ultra long power which allows you to disappear the camera
  • The high-quality lens facilitates you to record during the night


Product Rating: 3.8 out of 5 stars


Highlighted Features


  • Dual cameras with 180-degree and 120-degree viewing angle
  • Camera resolution is 1080p
  • 32 GB SD card included
  • 3.5″ LCD screen
  • 1-year warranty
  • Night-vision mode
  • Loop recording; one button push lets you save footage
  • You can charge it with double USB automobile battery charger
  • Cord Management System


Q: How long can it record video at HD level?

A: Near about 8 hours

Q: Does it come with G-sensor and parking mode?

A: No, It does not.

Q: Can I add additional camera?

A: No. It already has two cameras.



Falcon Zero F360 is a backup camera comes from the renowned company. It is a reliable recorder for your auto which offers professional images. If you look for quality sacrificing the design you must look further this piece. As this is one of the few cameras which comes with indoor and outdoor viewing system probably you won’t be able to distinguish a lot of details.


Final Verdict


The rear view camera system is a must for your vehicle to make sure the safety and hassle free reversing. Hope you have got a clear idea from top best backup camera reviews and can make a decision depending on your need and budget which one is suitable for you. What are you still thinking about the above-mentioned camera? Remember Auto safety should be your priority while driving on the road and the high-end camera will take care both you and your car like a pro. Do not fall into the trap of eye catchy advertisement or useless features. Fix your need and look your pocket then compare the product with other than grab the best backup camera for you.