Esky CMOS PC1030 Image Sensor is a unique backup camera

Esky CMOS PC1030 Image Sensor is a unique backup camera design. It has a large viewing area at 170 degrees, making it stand out from the competition. This image sensor is built into a metal license plate holder, making it study and discreet. It is weatherproof and has recording options. The best thing about this backup camera is that it has great high definition images even in the dark! The camera has infrared lights attached making night vision a breeze. The Esky CMOS PC1030 is great for people with a U.S. license plate that need a backup camera.

Product Features:

  •  Eliminates Blind Spots- This camera is extremely good at eliminating blind spots. The camera has infrared LED lights making it great to use at night time. It also has a 170 degree viewfinder, making it almost impossible to miss anything! Once the camera is installed on your back bumper, you can tilt the lens up and down for the best view possible! It allows the driver to see virtually everything that could be an issue when reversing their vehicle. The camera also allows for mirror images to be viewed. For having one of the widest views in the industry, it is definitely worth the price.
  •  Unique Design- This design is not seen in many cameras. The device is made from high quality products including a metal finish. The heavy duty design is chrome plated. It has been designed to withstand the test of time. The plate has the camera securely attached and fits every U.S. license plate. The camera is surrounded with infrared LED lights on the top of the license plate frame. The lens is adjustable and is housed inside the metal frame for additional security and protection from the elements. The camera is waterproof and can withstand rain and even extreme weather conditions.
  •  Great Customer Service- The customer service with Esky is unmatched. If you are ever unsatisfied with your product, Esky will make it right. If your camera is broken or needs replaced, just contact them and they will make it right. Most requests are met within 24 hours. The camera has a full warranty for added confidence when purchasing. This camera includes a manual that will help you when installing, however, if that does not help then you can reach out to the customer support team. Many reoccurring issues can be resolved by reading the FAQ’s and the owners manual. The most important reminder for this camera is to buy the proper monitor to view the images correctly. It also needs to be installed properly to prevent water damage.
  •  Distance Scale Lines- The scale lines are superimposed guide lines that appear over your backup image. These guidelines help you keep your car straight as you reverse. They also tell you relatively how far you are away from an object. The guidelines also have a built-in trapezoid electronic ruler function. This makes the guidelines more precise and more reliable. No other camera is going to give you the exact guides like this Esky. This camera is highly color sensitive and needs a NTSC video system to display the proper coloration. The guidelines are in color, so this is pertinent for a superb image.
  • Security System Capability- This camera is able to be plugged into a security system. The camera can be set to recording mode. This means that the camera can record video that can then be viewed later. In dodgier parts of the country, this camera can catch a thief, see if anyone comes onto the premises where the vehicle is parked, and other reasons. The camera is low profile and will not draw attention, making it the last place a criminal would look for a camera. The added protection that a surveillance system brings just adds more value to this backup camera.


  • This is an inexpensive camera.
  • LED lights make it easy to see at night.
  • Built-in technology to help gauge distance.
  • Huge and adjustable viewing area.
  • Easy installation includes everything you need besides the monitor.
  • RCA output links directly with most monitors.


  • Only supports the NTSC video system, so your monitor must support the NTSC system as well.
  • The coloration of the camera can be a bit off. For example, trees can be pink in the daytime.
  • If not sealed properly, water can damage the camera easily.
  • The design may not work if your vehicle has license plate lights.
  • The license plate design may cover up parts of your license plate that are illegal to cover. You may be stopped by a police officer and asked to remove it for covering information on your tag.


Does this backup camera come with all the wires needed? Yes. The camera comes with all wires needed to get a proper image on a display from the camera. What type of monitor will this work best with? This camera can work with any monitor that has a RCA jack. Does this camera record video? Yes. Simply plug in the camera to a CCTV video recording system for a security system.

Does this backup camera come with a monitor? No. You will need to buy a separate monitor for this system. How is the camera turned on? The camera is controlled by the reverse gear shift. Can you use this camera in bad weather? Yes, this camera can withstand rain, snow, and fog. Will this camera work with a JVC- DIVX? Yes, it will. Is there a manual that shows you how to seal the camera? Yes, without proper sealing during installation, you may experience water leakage and damage. What are the product dimensions? 13.5″x 7.9″x 1.5″.

Final Verdict:

This interesting design is appealing and is easy to install. The backup camera has infrared lights that make night vision simple. This is a great backup camera that eliminates blind spots. The camera gives the viewernthe ability to see up to 170 degrees with precision you won’t find in any other camera. The surveillance option makes this camera more versatile and more valuable. The heavy duty design far surpasses it’s competition. With the positive customer experience and the great customer support this is a reliable buy.


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